Discovering new passions

I have about 4 weeks left in the internship. I have definitely made new connections and learned new things about startups and the ecosystem.

But what surprised me the most is how I have been doing work in things I least expected…design. Taking on the task of creating designs for Canvs’ hackathon was a bit intimidating. As I kept on designing and going through multiple iterations of logos I realized I was actually getting comfortable with being a designer. There is a lot for me to learn but it definitely is something I get lost in for hours just working on it without care to what else is going on around me.

I was designing a member portal for Canvs and through that design session I did not stop to check my phone or click new tabs to wander off. Gaining design experience is not just something for me to put on my resume, I actually want to watch more tutorials and read more books to better my design thinking. This is one of many things I have learned this summer at Canvs.

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