Starting with Startups

Some quick things to know:

I am a Computer Science student and I just finished my first year at Florida State University. I’m into tech, design, video games, Game of Thrones + Silicon Valley on HBO, hip hop, and books.

I was selected for a fellowship called Tech Fellows that sorts you into a city you’re not familiar with and in those cities there are startup accelerators. Venture Hive in Miami, Tampa Bay Wave in Tampa, and Canvs in Orlando. These programs help out those who have ideas and they provide mentorship on establishing their own startup. I was sorted into Canvs. I found out that I would be living with two co-founders of a startup called Streamfluence and they have gone through Starter Studio which helps companies get started.

I moved in and settled my things after a long trip from Miami to Orlando. The morning after I was up early ironing my casual work clothes, skipped breakfast, and was on the way to work. I walked into the office and was given a quick tour. There were open desks for you to have an open environment as you work, a wall rack to hang your bicycle, and tons of free coffee, tea, and cereal! They also had a Nintendo 64 game system with Super Smash Brother’s and Zelda. This all fascinated me and made me think a lot about the ideal work culture I would like to be in. Tons of nearby coffee shops and restaurants in the downtown area for me to hang around during lunch. The main takeaways here were that people work better in open environments with comfortable and relaxing work attire, are offered small but meaningful benefits, and that everyone is happy when there’s a social yet productive culture.