Daily Conscious Constitutional

It’s not good to always have a task at hand.
Every day I set aside some time for a conscious update. I don’t clear my mind, so it’s not always transcendental, but it is necessary.
There’s enough good music in the world for me to always want to hear something. I’ll sit down, usually with a beverage or something and put on something great. Then it starts. 
Removed from any task at hand, the leash is off my thoughts as my consciousness runs with the music. Perhaps the past will come up, or a recent priority gets bounced around. 
Sometimes a mistake or something wrong will point itself out, which can be more valuable than a new idea, though maybe not as much fun.

Sometimes my thought’s fly unencumbered near the incomprehensible. They might bring back a little travel gift of a mental memento, some idea, maybe a new priority, or a different way to look at something.

Sometimes it’s worth communicating and I find myself writing it down.

Thank you for your time.