God May Exist

The ridiculously particular physics required for existence to happen may infer an intended universe. By extrapolating out our technological advancements, there is respected scientific theory of our universe as a simulation.

The proven but conflicting theories of quantum and relativity become somewhat compatible when other dimensions are considered as in string theory.

This universe may have been created from “somewhere” that our time is a direction, such as length, height, or width. It may be a super existence where a difference can “happen” without change. Whatever it is would be unimaginable to us in this fishbowl of space/time. Anthropomorphizing may belittle what can not be made familiar.

Whatever is going on seems a bit much for cold happenstance. No one ever figures that past our imagination is beyond wonder. It makes as much sense as anything else, which couldn’t mean less.

Thank you for your time.