Know Can Do

Popular electric cars GM smashed

Human values have given us the capacity to be symbiotic and do some wonderful things. Science. Art. Miss Manners.

But despite Miss Manners, our inability to isolate hatred from society has eroded our values, with the exception of materialism. The materialist philosophy of Capitalism actually leverages hatred to keep society divided and unsocial. It promotes fear and the idea that Socialism is looming and ready to take over the world. We didn’t consider the obvious fact that a good idea would naturally challenge an inferior idea.

Popular or not, better ideas can’t be destroyed. GM destroyed the electric cars that were liked by many in 1960’s Los Angeles. It didn’t destroy the idea, although the delay of electric cars resulted in oil produced environmental disasters and possible climate fatality.

Capitalists talk freedom of choice, but jail well behaved people who use substances unapproved by the corporate interests. Marijuana is a magically glaring example, being a proven benefit to everything but the profit margin of those who would rather that their ineffective remedies be our only choice. How do you have freedom of choice with a war on drugs?

War on drugs is really a misnomer. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a war on people.

We prioritize punishment and revenge over rehabilitation. An investment in the prison industry is a bet against humanity.

We promote the sale of weaponry throughout the world.

Hatred is the bane of thought and humanity.The thoughtlessness of Capitalism looms over a threatened world.

Enough of jungle law. We can do better.

Thank you for your time.