The Supreme Being
Joshua Hehe

Thank you for the practically imaginative analysis that would do any supreme being proud. The graphic is so extremely plain that it reaches a level of interest.

We’re blind as we peer into the unknown. So we try to feel our way. We know that something is going on. You present many interesting possibilities. We don’t know so I can’t say why, but I have a feeling that the omniverse may be an extra idea that runs into some factor of a dimension far removed from us.

It seems that existence is completed outside of our ability to understand size, space time, and maybe a dynamic(s) of dimensions distant from us. That’s because existence is not a product of repetition, but of intention. The omniverse is a multiverse product of belief in accidental existence. There is more to think about than an unwieldy agenda that doesn’t ring true.

Atheism is an agenda with a chronic lack of curiosity and disrespect for the unknown. It is shamed by some spiritual beliefs that challenge reality with ultimately metaphorical descriptions of levels of existence that can be related to the dimensions described by string theory.

Humility dictates our agnostic lack of presumption. Only agnostics have all the possibilities, especially for a becoming God that may be a bit agnostic herself.

Fear not the agenda of agnostic dogma.

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