Unacceptably Exceptional

The United States calls itself America. Look out other countries. We’re “exceptional”.
We represent capitalism and equate it with freedom. Instead of social controls, Capitalists inject jungle law into the financial process, leaving them free from having to share their hoard with their surroundings and sources of gain.
Without moral and/or practical reference, money is desired over the stuff that it buys. For instance, we cut corners on education. That pretty much tells the story right there. Without the support of other values, intelligence goes off. 
Values aren’t some superficial nicety that we bring out with our best china. They are fundamental to humanity as a matter of practicality. We materialists haven’t caught on that being nice is not only more practical than being mean, but it promotes thoughtfulness and interaction that multiplies our individual strengths. Not so much for us because stupidity can be mean. So let’s look at how our materialist dysfunction compares with the more social cultures of other nations:

Rail service is such an obvious example, must we suffer the details?

The internet has become a search engine utility, but Google has not risen to the occasion for us as much as in Europe where they were sued for taking advantage and improving their position more than their search engine. So now they concentrate their multiple criteria for functioning web site key search words in the darkness of non-transparency where it is unlit by our stupid apathy. A de facto utility without transparency is inherently unjust. Google is a promotionally limited search service with an unknown backwash of unseen information that is stranded in the shadow of hidden criteria. We have more freedom from knowledge than the Europeans.

We’ve overthrown democratically developing Latin American nations like Chile, Honduras, Guatemala. Nicaragua, Honduras, etc. They were subjugated for manufactured excuses that are easily accepted by those suffering the stupidity of being mean, US.

How stupidly mean is it to spend so many times more than what the other big nations collectively spend on weapons? Then we turn around and sell other countries the most weapons of all. That’s just about as mean as it is stupid enough to then be sold on austerity!

We pressure other countries to take our nuclear weapons. We double crossed Russia about Nato not being a threat when the USSR disbanded. We are manipulating and weaponizing countries that border Russia. We have regular military exercises around North Korea. We’ll go where ever our cold imperialistic heart thumps. How can so many intrusions be the accomplishment of an agency called the “Defense” Department? 
Can we ever get ourselves out of this cycle of mean stupidity? The smart answer is simple, though for some it might not be so easy to be nice.

One idea leads to another, and this piece is part of a chain that goes back to when I heard how sin was initiated and wrote “The Warning at the Dawn of History.” The bane of humanity is discussed, and how awareness of our worst is vital for our best. It’s free at huminimism.com, but please return an opinion to the Contact page Message.

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