We’re All Idiots!..We’ve Overlooked the Answer All Along

The power of the written word leveraged our intelligence. We’d be nowhere without writing. The ignominious beginning of history was to highlight hatred as the first ever described sin. It was lost in the translation into English. Too bad.

People of materially limited values are like unguided missiles and a threat to everything, including their own fulfillment, hoarding more than one could ever use. We mistake political and financial maneuvering for wisdom.

Intellectually powered social creatures have the control to live in a world that does not have to be so bad.

Some enlightened day humankind will only read about how mean we used to be before we humans were reminded not to be inhuman. Hey, it could happen. Kindness can get a lot out of a little intelligence. So little you wouldn’t believe.

The bane of humanity must be officially acknowledged. Using the less extreme medical condition of Borderline Personality Disorder for a reference, it would be appropriate to recognize hatred as the Non-Borderline Personality Disorder.

Let’s make as common knowledge the minimum expectation of what it is to be human.

(Ironically, Humanism is unaware and dropped the ball. It’s at huminimism.net)

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