Congresswomen Tenney twists the truth about health care in a new interview

Yesterday, Congresswoman Tenney appeared on NewsChannel 9 in Syracuse, New York to defend her vote in favor of the new American Health Care Act.

It’s not hard to figure out why she reposted the fluff interview with reporters who don’t work in her district to defend her vote: Around 2600 people reacted to her vote on Facebook negatively. 250 seemed to agree with her position. (These numbers are a rough estimate based on some random sampling — but you can check for yourself.)

The interviewers allowed Tenney to spin some deceptions without pushing back, so I thought it was really important to clarify some realities surrounding the new bill.

First, Tenney says the new plan will ‘improve access to health care’. She means make it cheaper.

There’s every reason to believe the opposite will happen. Tenney and friends are getting rid of the ‘individual mandate’ — meaning people aren’t required to buy insurance. With less people buying insurance, the cost will likely go up — that’s just how insurance works. Then even fewer people will get insurance. That’s right: The new plan makes the so-called ‘death spiral’ WORSE, not better, increasing the chances that the whole system will just fall apart.

At the same time she’s getting rid of out-of-pocket expense subsidies, again, making healthcare more expensive.

Healthcare might get cheaper for SOME people: the young. Tenney and allies do this by letting insurance companies charge older Americans 5 times as much and separating out people with pre-existing conditions into ‘high risk pools’. That’s right: as Tenney said, people with pre-existing conditions can still be covered, but they’ll be demolished by the soaring premiums and killer deductibles. Democrats weren’t lying about pre-existing conditions: the new bill will make it impossible for many people to AFFORD quality insurance, even if the insurance companies are required to offer it.

Tenney and allies have set aside a pool of money to help people with pre-existing conditions. But almost all estimates say it’s nowhere near enough money to keep them safe, with some experts indicating it’s underfunded by $200 billion.

Basically, if you’re 25 and healthy as a horse, Claudia Tenney was telling you the truth. If you’re older than that or god-forbid sick, she’s perfectly happy to throw you to the wolves.


Well, for one thing, the new bill takes a bunch of the money the government was spending on the ACA and gives it back to the rich. The bill does something else though: Drops a requirement for businesses like Claudia Tenney’s to provide health insurance for their employees. How convenient.

One absolute lie Tenney threw in for good measure: She claimed that more people are choosing to pay fines than sign up for health care as evidence the system was failing. 6.5 million paid a fine last year. About 10.4 million used Obamacare. Not sure where she’s getting her numbers from, but they’re falt wrong.

Let’s get down to the absolute truth: Neither Claudia Tenney nor I can tell you with 100% certainty what the new bill will do. I’m being honest about this. She isn’t.

But this isn’t rocket science: there IS a way to figure out what the new bill will do. There’s an entire office created to figure it out: The Congressional Budget Office. A lot of us want to see what it has to say about the AHCA. If Congress had waited a few days to pass the bill, we would have seen a CBO report. It’s standard for them to create one. But Claudia Tenney doesn’t want us to know — because she’s pretty sure that she’s wrong too.

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