2 days left to graduation!

Well this is it. Two days left of school. I am graduating on Friday. Now my mind turns on what I will do next. I felt like it would be good to write more blog posts. Especially about continuing projects that I am coding, about jobs that I am applying for, and about networking that I am doing.

Tomorrow we present our final projects again. I rewrote my part of the script tonight. Brit seemed to like our presentation pretty well and advised me to craft more of a narrative… which I did. I’ll post it for you here and then get to bed and get some sleep :)

Hello and welcome
my name is Joshua Bradford and this is my partner Ryan Jowers.
and today we will be presenting our web site: Show Ranker.

Now my friends and I are always talking about TV shows, Did you see the latest episode of the Expanse? Who got voted off last week on Survivor? They allow for repeated social events and discussions.

But what if you wanted to rank television shows? Could you easily list your top ten? Your top 100? There is a website that my friends love called FlickChart. It lets you rate movies in a heads up format. Then it builds a list for you. But FlickChart does not let you rate TV shows. That’s where ShowRanker comes in.

So we are going to start with our Homepage here, As you can see it’s full of TV shows. It’s actually the top 60 shows these are always changing based on popularity. You can see prison break is up here as the 3rd most popular and that’s because a new season just came out.

But say the show you want to look at is not on this list. Well you can search for what you want. Say you want to look at House. We’ll just put it in here and we can see all of the different shows with that key word, we’ve got full house, safe house, and of course what we are looking for the good doctor House.

So now Ryan will show you some of the things you can do once you select a show…

Finally ShowRanker allows you to build a custom list of your favorite TV shows by comparing one to another in a heads up format. You just pick the show you like more and as we see ShowRanker builds the list. In the future I’d like to add different list categories. You could choose say comedies or dramas and ShowRanker would only pick shows in those categories and build you a separate list for each category.
Then users could do what they love to do on social media sites and argue about 
what shows beat other shows.
Bringing everyone together through their passion for Television.
As we like to say on ShowRanker. 
Watch, Review, Rank, Repeat.