Early homework completion and feeling under the weather

Today I had some good news and some bad news. First of I was able to sail through the homework with minimal problems. I finished normal mode of the weekend project by 3:00 pm Friday. The website I made looked really good. I got all of the elements of the mock-up almost pixel perfect.

The only things I didn’t like were that the picture did not look quite the same even though I had it the same height and width and in the same location on the screen. And I didn’t bother to change the font at the top where it said Etsy. For the font It was in a similar font family but the letters were a little wider so I figured stylistically it didn’t make a difference. I also nailed the font in the more decorative and centered part of the web site.

All the other elements of the style were dead on. My light grey lines looked great framing the beautiful Answer font. My answers were justified left and spaced well… ok so this isn’t really hard to do but yeah they were. I’d like to make my code look better. I really am chomping at the bit to do Hard Mode.

But as you may have guessed from the title I am feeling a bit under the weather. At three o’clock I was exhausted and I had a headache. Also my throat felt a bit sore. The thing is that I normally have way more coding energy than that. I am really worried that I am getting sick.

I guess we’ll see in the morning… :)