End of week 4

Wow! what a busy week it’s been. First of all my Saturday meeting with Logan was canceled because he was having car problems so that meeting was moved to Thursday May 18th. In other words yesterday. The meeting went well. Logan was very personable. He showed me around the Home Depot offices and talked about his story. He originally started out with Home Depot’s internship program thinking it would just be something to put on his resume. Six years later he’s still there and loving it. When I asked him to tell me one thing he really liked about Home Depot he said that it was the way they really cared about their people. So next he is forwarding my resume and portfolio site to the people he knows that hire for Home Depot’s internship department. Hopefully I’ll have some news soon on that front.

But this was not the biggest thing that happened this week. It all started Tuesday when my friend Alex who works in Home Depot’s paint bucket department sent me two text messages and called me on the phone. I missed all of those calls and messages because I was outside talking with my cousin Mark who had come over for a visit. Just as I came inside I heard the phone ringing.

“Hello is Joshua Bradford there?”

“Yes, who is calling?”

“This is Alan Frasier, I got your name from Alex Reed. I am calling about a position at Home Depot.”

Now at this point I didn’t know who the heck Alex Reed was and I was wondering about whether this guy had gotten my name from Logan somehow. When I asked him about the job he talked about how he worked for a company called Aspirent. One of the things they so is hire people on a temporary basis and test them out at Home Depot. If you do a good job then Home Depot hires you on as a full time worker. After asking him a few other questions I circled back around to who he got my name from. After a moment we figured out he meant Alex McConnell my friend who works for Home Depot. Oooohhh ok, now it was all making sense. So he scheduled me for a “cultural interview” Wednesday afternoon via phone.

After I got off the phone with him I saw the missed calls and messages from Alex. I called Alex and told him the news. I asked for tips for how to approach the cultural interview. The next day the moment came, at exactly 2:00 Tammi who is in charge of not just the paint bucket program but also the tool rental program gave me a call. She asked me if I had just 30 seconds to describe myself to someone I had just met on an elevator what would I say. I responded with that I am driven, responsible, creative and positive. And I talked briefly about how I liked helping people. We then went into more detail about my work as the general manager of MurphyUSA and my poker playing career before that. Followed by my experience designing web pages back in the dark ages and what led me to return to computers by taking the Front End course at the Iron Yard. At the end of the conversation she said, “Well given your experience and what I see on your resume…”. I was prepared for her to finish the sentence with we really can’t hire you right now but instead it was “… we would like to come in for a paired programming interview next week.”

!!!!!!!!! Yes !!!!!!!!! I even said Hooray over the phone in a fun voice!

We talked a bit more and she asked me if I had any questions for her. I asked her which team I would be working with and she said it would be the tool rental team.

Now here’s where it gets interesting, today is Friday and I have five days till the paired programming interview. This is the last step in the process of getting hired. Basically if the team likes me and thinks they can work with me I am in like flin. Now there is one catch, the team is Full Stack. It’s angular on the Front End which I studied in school, and Ruby on Rails for the Back End, which I most certainly did not! So guess what I am doing for the next 5 days… Ruby Ruby Ruby.

I visited the Iron Yard yesterday, hung out with some of the former students who are going to be teacher’s assistants next semester, and got some advice on what to start studying. I had started with Codecademy already and they turned me on to a free one called learn ruby the hard way. It’s a .org site that moves a little faster and deeper than Codecademy. I will continue working on that today and then this weekend my plan is to build a site with angular on the front end and ruby on the back end. I’ll be letting ya’ll know how it’s going soon for now I’m getting back to coding!!! :)

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