Interview review — End of week 11

Alright! Yesterday I had a very good interview, not perfect, not A+ but still very good. I was able to talk intelligently about what the job would entail. I understood the Javascript code that was presented to me and did a good job of explaining it. I felt sort of foolish for a moment when I started explaining what a section of code did that was commented out. But I was able to relate the reason that it had been commented out. Basically it was using a custom Javascript object and method to retrieve a piece of information. And I recognized and explained how in the non-commented out part of the code they used the built in Glide object which I had read about while preparing for the interview.

Other than that some high points were how easily I was able to talk about 2 different ways to solve a proposed problem with user notifications. One of which seemed to be the way that one of the business analysts who was attending the interview had solved the problem before. I guess I should set the stage a little too… let’s rewind a bit.

I got there early and messaged Rebecca, who works for the recruiting firm who set up the interview. She met me and escorted me into the office. We talked for a bit while they got the meeting room set up. The team lead was going to to be with us through teleconference. I asked Rebecca how many people were interviewing for the job and she said they only had two candidates right now although they might find more in the future. Apparently they do need to fill the job because they had a backlog of tickets, hopefully this means they will choose a candidate quickly. Also Rebecca said that the person who worked this job before, worked here for a year before he moved on to another position.

Soon it was time to start. Besides the team lead there were two business analysts who worked on the team. One of them was explaining that she didn’t know Javascript much at all. She had gone to a ServiceNow training course but hadn’t got much out of it. The other business analyst used to be a programmer but had moved on like 10 years ago. He was the one who talked about his solution to the example problem I was talking about earlier.

I was able to explain my experience with a lot of the other important tools that I will be using on this job such as writing SQL queries. Although I wish I had explained how I used them to debug the backend to my final project. I just didn’t think of it when I was telling them the story of how I had first learned SQL queries and practiced on an SQLite database, and then used an ORM - Sequelize to create my Node.js backend.

Overall I think I did very well. Also Kevin the original recruiter I talked to said he had another job that he could set me up with an interview for. They are using Apache Cordova and if you click that link you will see a tutorial that explains all about it. It allows you to use Javascript, HTML, and CSS with their specialized framework. And then with Cordova and the right SDK you can convert your page into a mobile app for Android or Iphone . So that’s what I am going to be working on next! :)