Spendo and other apps

So I have been working on extra ideas for things to code. Last Friday I was visiting with my friends Sean and Ashaya. Sean has an app he wants which is like Flickchart but for TV shows instead of movies. We have been practicing accessing API’s in class and there is one called the movie database that also has TV shows on it. So I have started to put it together. Also I was talking to my friend Ken the next day and I came up with another idea for an site I called Spendo. It’s really about an interface that not only makes it easy to track your spending but also projects your spending into the future based on your habits and warns you when a small mistake could become a big one. Anyway the point is that besides all these I want to work on my Empire game. It’s interesting to see all of the different possibilities, I think the key will be figuring how to focus my energy :)

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