The Home Depot — Week 1 day 1 :)

Yesterday was AMAZING!!! My first day of work at The Home Depot. I was so happy but also excited and nervous!!! First thing that happens is that Alex and I get there early. We wait for another team member, Patrick, to let us in. Alex could get in on his own as he has a contractor badge. But, he can’t let me in because I don’t have my contractor badge yet. Only an associate can let a guy in that doesn’t have a badge.

So at 7:30 we have standup, it’s pretty sweet, I get to hear what everyone was working on last workday. I am excited to do standup tomorrow because I want to get a chance to talk about what I did today… but what did I do today?

I had a great experience. I paired up with Patrick who was AMAZING!!! At first I had mixed feelings because we didn’t jump right into coding. I really appreciated the detailed look he was giving me into the concepts and policies of Home Depot and our team(very strict paired programming and an emphasis on professionalism — check out The Clean Coder). Also I was a little intimidated by all of the mistakes I could make by coding. On the other hand I wanted to start learning. That’s what’s so great about the paired programming concept. It offers an amazing opportunity to learn :)

What I did learn about was “casperizing” a computer. Patrick and I set up a new computer (Me and one other guy had our first day today) and we needed to casperize it which means we put this sharing program casper on it and a BUNCH of other stuff… I mean this computer wasn’t set up at all we had to download xcode, ruby on rails, our current project from Home Depot’s internal github… I’m telling ya man it was A LOT.

But as I thought about the day I let go of my mixed feelings about not jumping right into coding. What I realized is that I did learn A LOT. And this kind of stuff is important. Setting up an environment to code in can be hard. And amazingly enough I put the knowledge to work immediately. When I got home I was having a problem with my computer where node package manager and some other stuff had gotten screwed up and I fixed it on my own. I believe I did a better job of this mostly because of my experience today :)

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