Wednesday night meetup

I went to my first meetup today. It was at General Assembly, a competitor to the Ironyard. It was about Angular 2 and Ruby on Rails. Ok here’s the scoop. My friend Alex wanted to go this thing. We haven’t gotten to Angular in our class yet and we don’t cover Ruby at all since we are doing front end stuff. But Alex really wanted to go as he wants to start networking more and looking for a better job. I did want to experience a meetup and get an idea what it was like.

We got there and the beginning was really good. I met a couple of guys while we scarfed down pizza. One of them had just graduated from the Ironyard’s Java class in October and was still looking for his first job. The other one had graduated from General Assembly a year and a half ago and was working with Angular now. We talked about how his experience was breaking into the job market and what he was doing now. good stuff :)

Now it was time for the presentation… Unfortunately that part wasn’t quite as good. I understood the beginning of the presentation where the presenter started talking about some of the general concepts that had guided the development of Angular 2. As he started to get more in depth Alex showed me a note on his phone that said that he wasn’t getting much out of the presentation and we could leave early if I wanted. I told him that was fine with me.

Amazingly as just as we were leaving Alex ran into Bryan, a guy who had was in his class at the Ironyard two years ago. Bryan showed us an application he was working on that helped coaches diagram plays in lacrosse. Bryan has been working the same job more than a year and is looking to move to this company that does sports stuff. He had just had an interview with them and had been able to tell them about the app he was developing. He also talked shop with Alex and agreed that Alex was underpaid for what he does at his job. Hopefully they can help each other with job opportunities in the future. As for me it was a good chance to get my feet wet and eat some pizza. I had hoped to get some of the other people in my class to come but now I am glad they didn’t. A bunch of us are going to the Javascript meetup on the 27th so hopefully that one will go even better :)