Is Poise No Longer a Quality For the Presidency?

There’s a reality show on that will never end. Regardless of ratings or mass moral awakenings, we can’t escape the leaking pipe. Why is it unprecedented, the way we feel here in this agonizing media arena in which the President is being accused by extremely high ranking “politicians” of being incapable of assigning a Supreme Court Justice. At its core I think it’s the lack of poise, something Obama has never struggled with, that’s missing. George W. would evade the press, come in like Elvis, answer a few questions especially badly and walk out. There was more footage of the back of George W’s jacket than any other president in history. The opposite of poise is panic.

Donald gets picked on but Donald is going through a phase in his life in which he feels he can win the presidency by merely gossiping the opposition into the ground. Being from New Jersey I always thought it was a Bronx Cheer of sorts to obliterate reputations with acerbic rants in order to one-up someone, be they in small or large circles. Each day lately begins with the public and verbal beheading of some candidate. So, the immediate need for Donald to bash others, even when asked what his thought is on say, a policy, leads certain folks out here in America, the ones you don’t see too much at the rallies, to believe we may have an issue. How naked can an emperor actually be? What if he’s naked and orange and swirling in the eye of one of the greatest narcissist orgasms of all time? The play on Presidents Day morning for the right was clear. It was to deface our president by teaching America’s children that any possible choice President Obama might make for Scalia’s replacement would be horrendous, and therefore warranted a stand for a delay.

It doesn’t seem unfair to address the air of racism in the very public effort to block the President of the United States from choosing a successor for this role.