One Year of Gratitude — Day 11

I’m at the keyboard. Usually by this time I have a good idea of what I’m grateful for. Today, I started my routine a little different. Stretching, then meditation. Now I’m here at the keyboard. Thinking. Hmm. What am I grateful for today? I don’t know. Like my old chemistry teacher in college said, “when you don’t know where to start, do something.” This is me doing something with the expectation my brain will soon kick in. Nike had a similar, more curt version of that phrase. Just Do It! OK, Josh. You’re stalling. Get with it!

OK, doing it…

You know what’s making me happy right now? It’s Friday. It’s another half day at work. It’s been a productive week. This coffee next to my keyboard smells and tastes delicious. This computer monitor in front of my face is big, and easy to read. My chair is comfortable and supportive. My keyboard is quiet. The lighting in my office is soothing. The air conditioner is creating a calming noise off in the distance. The temperature is cool and crisp. The smell in the air is neutral. I’m not worried about a damned thing. I’m not anxious. I’m not in fear of anything. I guess I’m in the moment. So, I’m grateful to be in this moment. Not worrying about the past. Not concerned about the future. Right here. Right now. There is no better moment. There is no other moment. Enjoy it.

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