One Year of Gratitude—Day 114

Photo by Mikito Tateisi on Unsplash. Thank you, Mikito!

The timing of things can be wild. I have never been a big believer in Serendipity. It has always conjured up images of pre-determined events. I am more of a coincidence or a luck guy. Some things are just random. But, sometimes the aligning of events carries a little more significance. There is a sense of an intentional alignment. It can be eerie.

For example, I have taken up a new study in web accessibility. I recently gave a presentation on the topic to our engineering team at work. All the same time, our user experience team and product owners have been thinking about ways to improve the accessibility of our web applications. Yesterday was the first day our departments met face-to-face on the matter. It makes me happy to know that, for whatever reason, we individually and simultaneously decided to pursue this interest.

I have been reading a lot about the attraction of likeness. In theory, like attracts like. The vibrations of similarity draw together like a magnet. Our thoughts are energy. The same rules of physics can be thought to apply to ideas as to other forms of energy.

Perhaps it is serendipity. Maybe it is just natural science bringing our ideas together. Coming to the same realization, at the same time, is a beautiful experience. We were already on the same wavelength before we could get started. No sales process. No “yes, but or “yes, and rebuttals. Rather than convincing each other of our beliefs, we can just get on with it.

I mentioned the eerieness of intentional alignment in the opening paragraph. My example of serendipity or luck may seem trivial. It may even seem contrived. I do not think it is, though. I think it has the potential for an enormous impact. This an improvement for our customers, and a significant shift in our culture at work. Everyone wins. For this, I am sincerely grateful.

And that is your gratitude for today.

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