One Year of Gratitude — Day 13

Day Thirteen. If I were superstitious I might consider today an unlucky day. I never understood that superstition. I’ve never had a problem with the number thirteen. My son was born on the 13th day of April. He’s turned out to be a pretty great person. I’m sure there are superstitions I’ve bought in to over the years. There are things I am afraid of. Spiders. Deep waters. Heights. Fuggettabbottet. But, I’m not in fear of traditional superstitions. For instance, we recently broke a mirror in the bathroom. There was no panic on my part. It doesn’t feel like bad luck is upon us. A stray black cat crosses our path everyday. I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, but I know there’s an associated superstition. Nope. Not worried about that cat, either.

Superstitions seem to get in the way for some people. There are also other beliefs that slow people down. They’re not considered superstitions, but they may be as irrational. You know, beliefs like self doubt. Beliefs like being unworthy. Anxiety when worrying about the future. Or, guilt when thinking about the past. Like most people, I’m not free from those thoughts. But, I’m at least aware that those thoughts aren’t useful. I can see them for what they are. The past is gone. I can’t change it. No need for the guilty feelings. The future doesn’t exist. I can’t control it. No need to be anxious. The only thing I can change or control is the way I respond to or think about things. The only time I can do that is right now. I am thankful to be aware of this.

It looks like we’re gonna have some beautiful weather today. We’ll be outside with the family at a minor league baseball game. So, I’m going to cut this bit of gratitude short, and get started on my pre-game chores. Enjoy your day, and watch out for those black cats.