One Year of Gratitude—Day 143

Photo by James Pond on Unsplash. Thank you, James!

Another major holiday has come and gone. Today we enter the battlefield of Christmas commerce. I am prepared to shield myself from the onslaught of digital Black Friday alerts. They will be diligent in their attempt to persuade me. I must resist! Unless, of course, a sweet deal comes my way. Smile.

I kid about the Black Friday sales. We buy stuff for each other for Christmas. It’s what we do. Rather than participate with the huddled masses, I prefer to shop in solitude online. Amazon has been the answer to all my shopping challenges for many years. Today is no exception. It’s a dream come true. Thank you, Amazon, for making my shopping experience much more tolerable. Thank you for the free shipping, too. I am grateful for this wonderful service!

And that is your gratitude for today.

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