One Year of Gratitude — Day 33

Thank you Beyond Gumbo for this cool image:

Bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning! My Bean and I are heading to Boston to catch a plane. We Louisiana bound, cher! Boudin. Cracklin’. Chicken and sausage gumbo. Get that kielbasa out the way, I’ll be eating smoked sausage! Crawfish étouffée. Fried catfish. Shrimp po-boys. Tony Chachere’s. Real donuts (not them hard, cold Dunkin Donut cake donuts). You know, food so good it makes you wanna go home and slap-ya-mamma! For the record, I don’t want to slap my Momma. And to drink, you ask? How about some Community Coffee and Daiquiris at the drive through?

OK, I better calm down. If I eat and drink like that, I might not make it back to Connecticut. Who am I kidding? I’m gonna eat like that for at least a day or two. Ok, maybe three days.

I’m happy to be heading home. Nothing is like south Louisiana. We’ll be splitting our time between Baton Rouge and Opelousas (my birthplace). I’m so happy to be able to share my cultural roots with my daughter. It’s always nice getting back to visit with my folks and other relatives. But, mostly I’m excited about the food. I kid. We better get going before we miss that plane! Laissez les bon temps rouler, cher!

And that’s your gratitude for today…