One Year of Gratitude — Day 6

The challenge of being grateful is giving me a run for my money this morning. I’m working on four hours of sleep. One of my bands had a gig last night and I got home late. But, as part of my commitment, I’m gonna find something. Let me put on my thinking cap.

OK, got it… Community.

A little more than a week ago, Grampa took a pretty bad spill. He got a comminuted fracture of his shoulder. That’s pretty rough stuff. He’s doing better, but there’s still a lot of pain to deal with. Being a widower, our concern was that Grampa wouldn’t have the help he needed at home. We all live far enough away that we can’t be there for him on a moment’s notice. Enter rehabilitation professionals. Thank goodness for people who dedicate their lives to helping folks with debilitating injuries. Grampa is spending a couple of weeks at a rehab service near home. He can focus on healing, as opposed to errands around the house. He doesn’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning and whatnot. We’re also thankful for Grampa’s neighbors who are taking care of things while he’s away. They’re keeping up with yard maintenance, and other things around the house. And, the town police are doing daily property inspections after each shift change. I didn’t even know that was a thing. We’re (his kids and grandkids) are able to take turns visiting him on the weekends. We can look after things in the house. In our absence, the community is rallying to help fill the gaps. For that, we are thankful.

Speaking of service to the community… I am thankful for the recreation services provided by our town. We have access to five pools, several fitness facilities and few other useful amenities. This only costs us $50 per adult per year. Kids get free access with a library card. Compared to gym memberships, that’s peanuts. We also have a fantastic trail system. Case Mountain, our favorite trail is many miles long. It wraps through the mountain and around a couple of beautiful lakes. In my opinion, it offers the best view of our town from the summit. It’s beautiful.

And coffee. Let’s not forgot glorious, wonderful, delicious coffee. Without it, this bit of gratitude may not have been possible. So, to folks in the coffee business, I tip my hat to you. To you, I am grateful.