One Year of Gratitude—Day 86

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash. Thank you, Markus!

Yesterday was a good day. Several months ago, I started working on some computer science algorithm problems. Things were moving along well, but I eventually got stumped on one. I tried a lot of different ideas and could never make any progress. So, I set it to the side. And then, I forgot about it. Two days ago, I remembered that I set it aside. I dusted it off and worked through it. I finally found a solution. I tested my work. And, my algorithm consistently returns the correct answer.

Web development teams encompass several specialties. At the core of most teams are two types of programmers. We have front end developers, like me. We also have back end developers. As a front end developer, I do not do much ‘computer science’ algorithmic type stuff. I program interfaces that display data (sent to me from the backend guys) to a user. But, there is a significant shift in the way us front end folks build interfaces these days. This change is requiring a lot of complex programming logic in the interface. So, it pays for me to get a better handle on my programming skills.

Anyhow, I am delighted to have worked through this challenge. It was a stepping stone to the next challenge. In the end, I will be a more productive and well rounded developer. I am grateful for the boost of confidence. Also, I wonder if my meditation practice helped me think of a different way to solve this issue. I am going to assume it is helping in some way.

And that is your gratitude for today.

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