Do we have to be a new age guru to be clairsentient?

Clairsentience may sound like a spiritual new age sort of word and perhaps it seems to many to be a bit of an airy-fairy topic that is attributed to a belief or ideal instead of real everyday life. But let me share how I have found that this is most definitely not the case, and clairsentience actually refers to something that is in fact the opposite of any belief or ideal as it is very real and felt within us all equally so.

We all feel energy. Yes we do. Like it or not. Believe it or not. Or even know it to be true or not, energy is a real and connectable part of our everyday lives that we all have access to simply because it is passing in and through us every single moment of every single day. It is after all a scientific fact that has been undoubtedly proven and shown to apply to everything as it forms the building blocks of life itself. Even thoughts, ideals and beliefs are not excluded from this equation, as everything after all means everything.

This is a rather large pill to swallow and especially an enormous leap for most to consider as relevant in any way to our practical everyday lives. After all we all have day jobs, hobbies, families, relationships, and so much else going on in our lives. Not to mention all the major events of the world including wars, sex trafficking, prostitution, exploitation of woman, murder, rising illness and disease and the list goes on. We have more important things to worry about than to be concerned about energy and its importance in our make up, right?

Yet this is not true. Energy is crucial to it all. And it makes a lot of sense as everything is energy and therefore, as Serge Benhayon has presented since 1999, everything must be because of energy. Hence, this means that energy reveals the cause of what is going on in the world, in our lives, in our relationships, work etc. Sex trafficking must come from an energy, just like harmony and true joy does too.

Clairsentience is basically the tool we all have got to be able to feel and discern energy and its quality well before it even plays out in human life. A great example of basic clairsentience at play is our ability to feel when another is angry or sad. Even if they come into the room with a big smile on their face and a thumbs up to go with it, they may still feel heavy, and not quite themselves. We tend to write these moments off by thinking that it is normal to have our ‘on’ and ‘off’ days anyway and that ‘mood swings’ are in fact normal. But is this so, when the quality of how the person feels and their overall enjoyment of the day can vary so much?

This is clairsentience at play and hence proves we don’t need to be super skilled, spiritually qualified or even a new age guru to be clairsentient as we all are naturally so.

Feeling how another is going is one mere example of this simple tool playing out in life. But there is so much more to life and the world of energy than this, perhaps more than we would ever like to admit.

Have you noticed that we can sense:

1 When another person is lying to us or feels too good to be true?
2 When another is hiding information, holding back or covering something up?
3 When another is real, open and loving and when they are closed down, thinking about something else and not fully there in that moment with us?
4 When a country business or industry is corrupt and being exploited by those who say they are leading it?
5 When someone has been abusing themselves with overeating, partying, drugs, porn or alcohol and hence not truly taking care of themselves and those around them?
6 When someone is exhausted, tired, and getting through the day with lots of sugar, coffee and energy drinks?
7 When someone truly cares about you and holds you in all their love?

And the list could goes on. These are but mere examples of how we all pick up in the world around us and shows there are deeper layers beyond what we see with our eyes that can reveal more about what is going on than most would be willing to admit.

I can remember when I was little and receiving a sweater from my grandmother made with her deep care and holding of me. I remember when I received it feeling like love was literally in every stitch and that how she made it was as a gift to support me and to keep me warm and cosy every day. Putting it on felt like a big hug as I was literally held in the love and care she had made the sweater in. For me it was more than just a way of keeping me warm. It was also a way of supporting myself to feel my own love and care during the day. Whenever I picked up the sweater such a feeling of love was always felt

This love and care is not in every item of clothing we buy at the shops though. Most is made on a factory line in sweat shops in India or China where money is placed before people and the working conditions for most of the labourers is well below even the lowest acceptable working standard allowed in most of the richer countries of the world such as the US or UK. In addition to this, is the greed that often is behind a lot of the design and sale process. Lets face it, most companies are only interested in what sells the best and how much they can earn, not what truly holds and supports the person who is going to buy their product.

In each case, be it a sweater made with the love and care shown in my grandmother, or a sweater available for purchase in most clothing stores, the look of each is mostly the same. They are both a sweater and assuming they fit well, would both suffice to do the function of keeping their wearer, me in this case, warm. But the quality of how each was made is markedly different. When I place a sweater on from many of the major clothing stores I often do not feel that same love, care and holding of me as I do when I place the sweater on made with love from my grandmother.

In each instance, we can sense that there is a difference in both sweaters. For some of us with more acute awareness of how to use our clairsentience, the differences would be more stark and obvious as to what the intent behind each of the sweaters is. For others this starkness may be less so obvious, but nevertheless there is a palpable difference we can all feel at some level and connect to.

This is what clairsentience is and means. How often do we feel these differences, however subtle they are for us, and make decisions based on them such as in the case of the sweaters, which sweater we would like over the other?

This is an interesting question and opens up the door for deeper ponderings. But that is for another blog. The point is, that we do feel and know energy more than we consciously tend to realise. The case of the sweaters applies to many other instances in our life too, such as with food, relationships, work tensions, consumables and everything in fact can be discerned on this level as to whether its originating source is that which holds, supports and truly nourishes us, or whether it is made with an entirely different purpose and intent.