So! That’s why I will meet again
Because if you want to love!! Because I want to do love at least once!!
It’s been a long time since I gave up. annoying. Don’t tell me about it anymore.
Uh huh! I told you not to tell me!! If you go home today, you probably have a specific word.
Anyway, this time you passed the proposal… What happens?
He said he would be hired as a team… Then you should go to another office for a while.
………You’ve gotten overset. damn! Why did the proposal pass!
Jung Hoo shook his head slightly, mumbling to himself.
Hey! Others haven’t passed and aren’t good, but are you talking full?
If you succeed, you are a promotion, I know! Then you’re not going past me
Elder!! I’d rather be single all the way…
You’re saying this, very. Meeting time is running out. Let’s go. Today I am the main.
Junhyuk… Thanks to you, everything went down. Thanks.
When Junghu turned back and went in without love, Junhyuk sat in the chair.
It was Jun Hyuk who knew that Hee Young was still in her head.
So when I confessed, it would have been obvious that I would be rejected.
Moreover, the company’s position was different. Jeonghu has already been recognized by the company,
For Jun Hyuk, who joined the company and bought a probationary ticket,
It was hard. It was a man’s greed to confess something in a better position.
I wanted to confess with the conditions to make you more proud and happier.
It was a burden to him that he started late because he was young.
Although he was recognized for his ability among the same motives, Joon-hyeok was still impatient.
No matter how much he followed, Junghu was always walking in front of him. And I don’t even love to go back.
Moreover, the defense walls of other men who have been defending now have collapsed.
Junhyuk had been noticed and defended before anyone if he had a black heart.
But the fight was different. It was unreasonable for Junhyuk to defend against the opposition.
Moreover, the conditions of the opponents were even strong. …


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