A Team of Black(African-American) Tech Meisters?

Let’s talk about something controversial amongst black entrepreneurs. What should your team look like when it comes to skin color?

In my opinion, it depends on what do you want your company culture to represent? Lately, I’ve been thinking about this and I can’t help but wonder what the ideal all(or majority) black team would look like. Many would say that this would not help the problems of racism in America in any shape or form. I beg to differ.

Right now, in the tech world, there are numerous initiatives to create more diversity in companies like Google, Apple, and Intel, to name a few.

At the same time, the majority sometimes question just how important diversity since meritocracy is essentially more important. This can never coexist within subconsciously racist people, many of whom work at these large tech companies. But that’s ok! I understand time heals all.

If I wanted to build a team of black technology professionals, it wouldn’t be because I have something against white people, but because there is a underrepresented group of brilliant minorities that need a pathway to success in the tech space today.

That said, it’s something for all of us to think about!