Regarding “Tax Reform” as Interpreted by the GOP Majority in Congress

Like so many, the first words I would choose to other at the senate voting 51 – 49 in favor of the pending humanitarian violation disguised as Tax Reform would likely be a stream of obscenity is. Not only as a response to so much of the horrendous injustice of the details – many of which we still do not know. Not only in terms of the sheer hypocrisy of alleged fiscal conservatives ballooning the deficit and national debt, at the expense of any interpretation of responsible money management. Not only in flouting all protocol, and some – like Senator McCain – who had made such a grand statement of returning to regular order and process in considering the publics business and best interests. But primarily the sheer audacity and full disclosure signified by the rampant of corruption and abuse of power – and subsequent very real human suffering – that this action truly signifies. All niceties, all illusions of fairness and decency, have been abandoned. I am left, in lieu of obscenities or speechlessness, with nothing but a sincere thank you. So here it is.

Thank you GOP. Thank you for proving unequivocally that America is not a democracy. Thank for giving license to the most heinous representation of government by the minority, bought and paid for by the highest bidder. Thank you for showing that underhandedness, corruption, lies and blatant manipulation are the tools of legislation; that betraying the mandates of equal representation are the pathway to success. Thanks for betraying your allegedly conservative values. Thank you for ending the charade and revealing your methods as deceit, your truth a misshapen masquerade.

Thank you for ripping the civilized veneer off of the mandates of unbridled wealth: to continue to exploit the poor, the disenfranchised, the planet. Thank you for redefining personhood to rob women of reproductive choice, so we know where your misogynist oppression truly stands. Thank you for abolishing ethics and transparency; for double-dealing so honestly in your arrogance; with a crooked, backroom gesture, stealing healthcare from the elderly and those most in need. So that as they die and families suffer it can no longer be hidden.

Thanks for giving a voice to radically revisionist fundamentalism, that outright denies the ethical mandates of any type of compassionate, moral or even actual Christian values; that any attempt to reconcile your actions to the Golden Rule are irredeemable fallacy. Thank you for exploiting and exposing the fear and ignorance of racism; for waving its flag proud and high — so there can be no more doubt about hatred and your sinister enabling, ennobling and approbation. Thank you for your bald-faced greed and your kleptocratic creed; so anyone with eyes to see can witness your abject, gleeful exploitation. Thank you for rendering any appearance of “by the people, for the people” an outright, mutated monstrosity. Thank you for piling injustice upon injustice so thoroughly that we can call this system a failure, a humanitarian atrocity. So that those with even one eye occasionally open can deem your methods of governance an oppression, a prosecutable crime.

Thanks for portraying so perfectly how capital and self-interest supersede fairness and the practice of considered representation. Thank you for continuing: to pillage the land, to rape the poor to reap your rewards; to undermine justice, democratic process and common sense so blatantly that no reasonable person can even question whether America is now an unconscionable kleptocracy.

Thank you for giving the devil his due. Thank you for making evil and appropriation by the rich, by the zealots, by the corrupt and contemptible so blatantly obvious. Thank you for handing us the weapon that will be your own reckoning and undoing. Thank you for shaking the cornerstones of democracy so violently — that enough of those who have been lulled to sleep, abiding in unwitting complacency, or spent their life insulated in an artifice of relative privilege and comfort may finally wake up. Just enough to rise in anger and indignation to stand against the rights, the wealth, the truth you’ve stolen. Thank you for giving duplicitousness a name and a recognizable face.

The road to justice is slow and long, full of setbacks and disappointments. Rage is destructive, impotent; but anger is your friend. Anger is a motivator, when it’s channeled. When it has a goal, a target, partnered with consistent purpose and reason. They’ve reached too high in going low; too many will have their lives burdened by needless suffering. At least this is what I pray and hope. That this is the requisite amount of evil; that it is sufficient — to be the alarm that shocks the sleeping to awaken and move towards thorough and systemic change. Maybe even within my lifetime; but if not, for the lives and liberties and burdens borne by my children — make them freer, make the weight they carry a little lighter. Make hope less necessary, replaced with real solutions. That would be nice.

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