79% Is Not Enough. Women Deserve More.

Liza Landsman should stick to running a business and leave political issues at home. This kind of nonsense makes me stop shopping at companies. The pay gap is an act of fiction made up by manipulating statistics. I can suggest that there is a wage gap among those that don’t wear suits vs those that wear suits and be right as many jobs that have people wear suits are high paying jobs. many women go into lower paying fields creating an artificial wage gap of the sexes. You’re not going to walk into a business and see two register jockeys, where one is a man and one is a woman, who started at the same time where the man makes $10/hr and the woman makes $7.90/hr. It doesn’t happen. And when businesses like JET.com take a stand on bull like this, it makes my wallet close up. bye bye jet, unsubscribe, and not looking in your direction again is what the future holds.

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