Obsession Transition

I recently have become highly interested in the NBA since Cleveland won the Finals last year. My love for sports has always kept me busy with following college football and basketball, but I have never been much into the NBA until now. Since my parents are from Ohio, I grew up watching Ohio sports teams with them, and naturally, this led to my fan support of LeBron James. I have been checking box scores and conference standings since league play started back in October. I also watch many sports analysts talk about trades, injuries, and the playoff picture for the league.

So what? How could watching professional basketball be beneficial to my life at all? Well, in my pursuit to become a sports analyst myself someday, it would be beneficial to be well-versed in more than just college football, which I follow the most. I also need to be keeping up on current events if this is the field I want to go into. As much as I could study about the history of different amateur and professional sports, the experience I could gain by being a dedicated follower of the NBA would allow me to say, “I was there,” or “I watched that game.” With the retirement of legends like Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan, the NBA is moving into a new era of players who never played with/against Michael Jordan. LeBron James is probably at the height of his career and he doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. This is prime time for me to not only enjoy watching possibly the greatest basketball player in the world, but also to build a repertoire of sports knowledge that could help me in the long run.

I don’t want to just listen to all of the opinions of these current analysts. I want to be able to have my own opinions and be respected for it. As I continue to check box scores and standings, I should identify patterns and things that stand out. When it comes to stats, I could draw many conclusions that include consistency, work ethic, and team chemistry. There is so much to take in with the progressing season and I am excited to watch the playoffs and finals this summer.

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