Application Form For Volunteer Membership, UnifiedEarthAlliance

Application For Volunteer Membership

The intentions of this document, are as follows;

  1. Highlight any particular skills or talents to effectively place individuals into projects.
  2. To understand the types of individuals we are asking to perform duties in voluntary representation of the Unified Earth Alliance ®1998 .
  3. To compel active engagement in all most forms of community.
  4. To gather the direct input of volunteers and their backgrounds.
  5. To improve upon our methods of interaction, social communications and information technology.

The first series of questions are basic questions necessary for your membership, and voluntary representation:

  1. Are you above the age of 18?
  2. Do you live with alone , with others or a dependent?
  3. What is your educational background?
  4. Do you have a criminal record or outstanding criminal conviction in which no discharge or pardon has been granted?
  5. Are you interested in computer technology and social media?
  6. What is compelling you to volunteer for the Unified Earth Alliance? Is it a need for hours by school standards? A need for job experience? Hobby, etc?

The second series of questions are slightly more detailed but valued for input on how we can better put you skill sets and interests to work, it is not mandatory ( but does improve our service and your experience ) :

  1. Are you interested in humanism, humanitarianism and technological sciences or environmentalism?
  2. Are you a skilled individual, if so what particular skill set is beneficial to your voluntary experience with us?
  3. Are you familiar with critical or systematic thinking?
  4. Do you enjoy helping others?
  5. Do you enjoy intellectual, emotional and even intensely motivated conversations?
  6. Are you spiritual , non-spiritual or undecided?
  7. Do you speak multiple languages other than English ?
  8. Are you a morning, day or night person?
  9. Do you enjoy designing and inventing new things?
  10. Are you interested in analytical study?

If you have completed this volunteer application and are satisfied with your application, please submit it to the Alliance Facebook Page or via email, . Thank you for your time and participation. A representative should be in contact within 48 hours of initial contact. If you have any further questions or relevant information pertaining to the conduct of the survey, please attach and return to contact above.

All rights reserved ® Unified Earth Alliance, 1998