Dr Dop: 1 Week In

So much has happened since I arrived and went on my solo journey around the neighborhood. First, my head hurts, all the time. It’s not headache pain per se, I think it is because my brain is always working on either processing the new sounds (Français) it hears, or directions and location, or perhaps the sleep schedule (circadian rhythm has gotten an overdrive petal) or a combination thereof. Anyway, my head hurts. On top of that, I am still typing on a phone, so considering all these factors, I will be shortening the post to a summary. Here is what has happened:

  • Enrolled Ayla in a school, with the help of my French “landlord" who is one of the most amazing and beautiful people of all time. Merci beaucoup Christian.
  • I learned a lot of French in a short period of time, mais je longtemps de parle français très bien, ou peut-être je apprendre rapide! 🤞
  • The mass transit system in Lyon is good, but different. It does not follow the standard mass transit rules. More to come on this.
  • I visited the university I will be researching at, spoiler alert; it’s impressive.
  • I made a friend who showed me how big Lyon actually is and turned me onto some authentic Lyonnaise cuisine (believe the hype, I may never leave)
  • I discovered that the markets on the weekends offer amazing food for dirt cheap.
  • Wine costs very little and it’s incredible. Wine costs less than Bananas and Avocados.
  • In France, Bananas come from Guadalupe and Martinique, while Avocados come from Africa (I believe Kenya) and they are delicious. Possibly better, TBD.
  • Netflix is Awesome.

Today we could see the snow peaks in the Alps, as the air was very clear. That’s it for now. Thank you for reading!