Grab their attention!(Intro) — All you will learn

Every day, we produce 7.5 million pieces of content. This screams danger for social media producers. It’s not just in the media industry. Businesses, artists, scientists, writers, and game producers compete in this seemingly never ending series of tournaments, the battle of attention. Any profession, you name it, as long as it demand people’s attention, you will compete to get a slice of tasteless online pie. I’ve heard about the importance of SEO, Youtube thumbnails, and keyword optimization. And yes, these tools will help you a lot on your journey. But when I ask the experts, why? Trust me, these tools are important simply because of how Google, YouTube, and the Internet industry work. It’s simply the process that internet platforms use to deliver a content to the right people. After all, why would you use Google if you don’t get what you type in the search bars?

When posting on the internet, these three factors will be the fundamentals of reaching viewers — the right people. But what about getting subscribers?BusinessWise, How about investors, fans, and most importantly, attention? Using the 3 fundamentals could help if you have an online domain (insta, FB, webpage, etc). But, trust me, there is more behind every successful story.

Let’s talk about how attention works. Ever wonder why some artists are more successful than others? I’m sure you’ve heard of Michael Jackson. What about the others before him? And the thousands after him? My point here is that there are thousands of artists that will come, but few of them who will succeed in gaining attention. Why? Because human attention is scarce, (attention and time = value). As I’ve stated earlier, millions of pieces of content are produced every day. This value will increase over time for many reasons. However, humans will only have 24 hours a day. It’s just impossible for a human being to give their attention to a topic that they don’t know about. Unless there is attention-induced action triggered (viral, agenda, reason, etc.). More on that later.

This series is about all of these attention grabbing techniques that you will use to gain your audience, whether it’s for your YouTube channel, fans, or investors. This series will help you understand why the phrases “grabbing attention” and “attention grabbing” can yield different outcomes. How to use people’s perceptions and influence them, etc. But that is for next week. So come and support us on our youtube channel (Be Bretter) and on our medium platform.




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