No Dickheads! A Guide To Building Happy, Healthy, And Creative Teams.

This article is full of great advice. Your definition of “dickhead,” I think is troublesome for those entering work in an industry though. It is difficult to get in — it takes an abundance of ambition. There are a lot of “dickheads” as you have defined it out there and plenty are quite aware of others’ weakly leveraged positions. They may feign sympathy to hide opportunism. Ambition and patience for delayed-gratification are useful combinations if one wants a value-added hire. If being a “dickhead” means putting your own needs above that of the project, then when the participants find their roles are a good fit because they involve the ability to contribute meaningfully to project success, I agree this is true. However, for those who are new, indebted, and the amount of ambitious they have to be to get their foot in the door, just being in the room won’t be good enough as much as everyone else there may think that it should be. There is a lack of understanding that tickets for nose-bleed seats — where the pigeons loom larger than the players — may cost you the equivalent of one’s first born child (or children at all). If that doesn’t turn one into a “dickhead” then one may lack a heart. No heart, no dick, and a head worried about big debts? No wonder it didn’t work out, young lad.

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