Barely scraping by with a $250,000 salary in Silicon Valley
Lucas Roitman

Silicon Valley Tech folks always think they are underprivileged. I get that it is expensive there, but people always expect 6 figures straight out of code camp (not even with a diploma or degree). This article needed to be done. Nice work.

I expect to forever be an underpaid PHP developer because PHP gets no respect. I would love to do Java or JavaScript (I’m also good at these) but no such luck. Living in GTA (Greater Toronto Area) combined with the expense of a family I am lucky to scrape by with my 60+k salary.

I know I can always go forward and maybe my next job will be the 6 figure one. But people from the valley need to stop complaining so much, they’re getting the rest of us, with a semi-decent living, down.

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