I don’t care if homosexuality is a ‘sin’
Paul Boag

I have nothing to disagree except, homosexuality is not a sin. It is how we are made. E.g. Intelligence, Spatial intelligence, Preferring sweet to salty food. The act of sexual misconduct (sexual immorality in the bible) is what is sinful. Fornification and the like. Liking someone of the same gender is not sinful. Having lust for that person (commit adultery in the heart) or actually carrying out the lustful act is the issue.

As i said, i agree with the rest. We are all sinful and cannot breach the holiness between us and God. EXCEPT whether God sees us as all the same or all sins have the same weight, I cannot comment as I do no know. To me sin is judged not just by the type of sin but the person and environment. E.g. if someone was taught since young that killing Christians is the most blessed action in the world would the sin for on the murderer or the person who misguided the murderer?

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