The Best Reasons Why You Should Watch War Room

Moving, inspiring, and powerful.

Those are the words I use to describe War Room.

When I first heard about the War Room, I thought it is about people fighting on the battlefield. After all, the title seems to be referring to fighting, shooting, and violence. However, I never thought that I’m in for a great surprise.

The movie, War Room, is actually a Christian movie that tackles a different type of war. It is about the spiritual warfare that each of us faces on a daily basis. While war has been part of human history since time immemorial, there is a different war that has been raging even well before humans have existed.

And that battle rages on until now.

War Room is a movie that explores the spiritual war we face and gives us a fresh perspective of its nature and how to win our battles.

This is why you should watch the War Room movie.

A brief background to the War Room Movie

Released in 2015, War Room is a Christian movie directed by Alex Kendrick. If that name sounds familiar to you, then it probably is. The Kendrick Brothers have produced a lot of beautiful, inspiring, and moving Christian movies in the past and War Room is among their masterpiece.

If you like to see their other movies, here’s an Amazon link that lists all of them. It’s also a great place where you can grab your own copy of their movies.

Going back to the movie, it is about a typical family. They are rich and successful. They own a big and nice house. They drive expensive cars. They seem to have it all.

However, in spite of their success, Tony and Elizabeth don’t have a happy marriage. Tony, a top pharmaceutical salesman, is always on the road finding new leads and sales. He’s not always there for their daughter, Danielle. Elizabeth, on the other hand, always helps her sister in need financially and this makes Tony mad.

Their marriage was on the rocks. Not only that, but Tony was attracted to another woman. Worst of all, he is having thoughts about cheating on his wife.

Elizabeth is a real estate agent. She helps to sell properties for a living and that’s when she met an elderly woman whose name is Clara. Sensing that Elizabeth is having trouble with her marriage, Clara helped her to fight for her marriage through prayer.

And that’s how the “war room” concept begun. Elizabeth turned her closet into her prayer room. In that place, she prays for her husband, daughter, job, and all the things she can think of.

After a few unexpected turns and twists, Tony realizes his mistakes and make amends. His relationship with his wife and daughter was restored and they became a happy family once again.

The Lessons I learned from the movie

I highly recommend this movie to all Christians out there. It is packed with powerful and practical lessons you can apply even right now. If you are looking for a movie that would be worth your time, I would say this is the one.

While there are a lot of lessons I learned from War Room, let me just share three of them.

We win our spiritual battles on our knees

Prayer is a powerful tool that’s free for every Christian to use. It is the highest privilege given to man. Imagine, through prayer, we can always go before to the Throne of Grace and talk to the Supreme Ruler of this vast universe!

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The movie is a good reminder that we must not underestimate the power of prayer. It teaches us how prayers can change people’s lives and most importantly, draw us closer to our Heavenly Father and Yahshua or Jesus Christ.

Do what is right no matter what the consequences are

Since you might not have watched the movie yet, I won’t give too many details. However, there was a part in the movie where Tony was torn between two decisions. One is that he can just forget about the wrong things he has done and just continue with his life. The other is confessing his mistake and potentially go to jail.

As Christians, we are called to do the right thing and not the easy thing. Sometimes, doing the right thing will lead to suffering. However, we must remember what Peter wrote in I Peter 2:19–20:

For this is commendable, if because of conscience toward God one endures grief, suffering wrongfully. For what credit is it if, when you are beaten for your faults, you take it patiently? But when you do good and suffer, if you take it patiently, this is commendable before God.

Do what is right no matter what. It is better to fight your battles with God on your side. You don’t want to find yourself fighting on the side of the devil.

We must keep our zeal burning passionately for God

Clara, the elderly woman, asked Elizabeth about her faith in God. Elizabeth mentioned that she is just like many Christians. She is neither hot nor cold. She feels that it is better to be lukewarm than be cold at all.

However, the Bible tells us that there’s a dreadful danger of being a lukewarm Christian. We read in Revelation 3:16:

So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.

This is the message of Jesus Christ to the Laodicean Church. We definitely don’t want to be like them lukewarm and be vomited out by our Savior.

Being a Christian is more than just attending church. It is definitely not just about memorizing Bible verses or having a huge collection of Christian songs. It is about having a change of heart and the willingness to do God’s will and fulfill His purpose in your life.

If we have a burning zeal — a magficent obsession — to follow God, then that’s the time when we truly become a converted Christian.

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Unforgettable quotes from the movie War Room

There are a few quotes that I want to share with you. These statements and words, I believe, would be a good food for thought. So, let me write it here.

Quote no. 1:

Clara talking to Elizabeth on how to win her spiritual battle:

Clara: Elizabeth, there’s no room for you and God on the throne of your heart. It’s either Him or it’s you. You need to step down. Now, if you want victory, you’re gonna have to first surrender.

Quote no. 2:

Clara asking Elizabeth she goes to church:

Clara: And where did you say you attended church?

Elizabeth: Well, we occasionally attend Riverdale Community.

Clara: Now, you say you attend church occasionally. Is that because your pastor only preaches occasionally?

Quote no. 3:

When Tony asked Elizabeth why she chose to stay in the marriage even after discovering that her husband was seeing another woman:

Elizabeth: But I am His before I’m yours. And because I love Jesus, I’m staying right here.

Quote no. 4:

Tony, after being hired for a much lower paying job. Elizabeth responded:

I would rather have a man chasing Jesus than a house full of stuff.

Quote no. 5:

When Clara lost her husband:

I was reminded that death is a part of life and that the life we’re given should never be taken for granted.

Quote no. 6:

After Tony telling his friend that he is getting tired with Elizabeth:

Tony: I’ll see in you, church.

Friend: I’d like to see the church in you, bro.

Quote no. 7:

Elizabeth told the devil where her joy should come from:

My joy doesn’t come from my friends. It doesn’t come from my job. It doesn’t even come from my husband. My joy is found in Jesus. And just in case you forgot, HE HAS ALREADY DEFEATED YOU.

Quote no. 8:

Elizabeth explaining to Danielle what she decided to do:

So I’m learning how not to fight God and how to let Him fight for me so that we can all win.

Watch War Room tonight

I just gave you a glimpse of what War Room is all about along with the lessons and quotes from the movie. I highly recommend that you watch War Room with your friends, church group, and family. I’m sure you won’t regret spending one and a half hour watching this film.

It is not surprising that this movie obtained 4.9 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon from 7,200+ customers. Click the image below to be redirected to Amazon or click here to read more reviews from this movie.

Now, after you watched the movie, please go back here and let me know what you learned. Share your thoughts below and let’s have a little conversation. 🙂

By the way, if you like this blog, please spread the positivity to your friends and let them benefit from it as well. Who knows? This might be just the movie they also been looking for!

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