Don’t be afraid to get up and go.
In Defense of “Running Away From Your Problems”
Gennette Cordova

Oh, the new-age tripe of running away from problems. Isn’t *sticking with it and making it work* a virtue any more? All jobs get monotonous, and it’s the job holder’s responsibility in part to find meaning in it. All relationships plateau, and it’s our job to find new peaks to scale within those confines.

If everyone just upped and quit and run because things got monotonous and things weren’t giving us a constant cocaine-high head rush, the planet we’ve inherited (both bad and good; oh how we love to ignore the good we’ve been handed by patient people doing things patiently!) wouldn’t be what it is today.

Dismiss this as you see fit, please. But we need more dissent when it comes to life tips that tell us to quit and run. Because there is no perfect relationship, it’s a myth. There is no perfect job, that’s a myth too. Make the most of what’s given to you, because sometimes (and it *is* sometimes: no advice or statement is ever true for all cases all of the time), staying on the track is better than going off-road.


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