Could we live all our lives together?
Probably not, I’m afraid;
afraid of the numbers
and the facts we cannot change. But 
look at how this fraction of 
stretches now into infinity,
dwindling slowly like a star
with each infinitesimal 
increment to the weight of
growing love; Someday,
even onlookers will forget,
even machines will overflow,
even two people and the
constant coefficient of defiance
will collapse and round
into singularity,
into impossible unity,
into one.

0.333 is a birthday gift to the woman of my life (a math teacher by profession) in celebration of her 24th year, and in commemoration of having spent a third of our lives together. This piece explores the relativity of numbers and the beauty of estimation, of fuzzy edges in time and the unimportance of the things we cannot change.

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