#codingthroughcorona day 1

The Idea:

I *hate* being bored, and I also hate not having a routine. So I have decided that I will treat this downtime just as if I had a job. I will be creating a real-time DND application. Each day I will write a blog post somewhat like a 1 person standup. Maybe people will read it, perhaps some people will learn from it, and perhaps it will help me land a job or contract. At least it will keep me stay sane through this!

codename Kill dargons:

For you tech nerds, the project will be written in Elixir / Phoenix. The plan is to fully utilize elixir for everything related to the backend. The front-end will be written in react and phaser.io for the game board.

Keep your head up!

We can all look to The Doctor for advice in these times.


I’m always looking for new contracts and open to employment. For the past 2 years I have focused primarily on Elixir and React but do have a strong background in javascript and ruby. I’ve also dabbled in python, go and rust in the past year.



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