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people are really making too much of all this. i guess that’s normal for sports, because we like to build things up and analyze things based on emotion and what happened five minutes ago rather than any actual context, but it’s plenty annoying too. the worst part of all this is the idea that durant is somehow lebron. he’s not. lebron was/is genuinely reviled to varying degrees, but durant is just the latest person to root against because people need someone to root against. take away the old-school mentality that says you don’t create super teams and the teams that are simply upset durant didn’t choose them, and what you’re left with is probably a majority of people who agree with, or at least understand the decision he made. bottom line is when he wins that first championship -and there’s a very high likelihood he wins at least one- then we’ll revert to the most base and emotional of all sports cliches, which is that winning cures all ills.

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