FOTP Friday List for … June 9
Barry Friedman

Hey Barry… I think the only one of these I will take issue with is Phil Jackson.

A. L.A. Lakers fan… I am literally sitting about three blocks from a giant bronze statue of the guy here in downtown LA. We luvz us some P.J. here in L.A.

B. Your point is well taken about having the best players in the universe. Nevertheless, a lot of NBA coaches have been blessed with extraordinary athletes, but were unable to take the raw talent ore and mill it into cold rolled sheets of championship banners. P.J. was uniquely gifted in being able to take monumental talents (and the monumental egos that go with them) and make them play with a synergy that could simply not be matched.

C. That said, his tenure in New York has been less-than-inspiring, although I suspect that may be due to factors that may be beyond his control. For instance, without Darth Buss force-choking everyone in the league into doing his bidding when it came to trading for players, then I don’t think the Lakers have that amazing late 90s, early 2000s run…

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