A New Flag for Montpelier Vermont


Below is a rationale for my submission to the Montpelier city flag contest. Thanks again to the City of Montpelier for putting this contest together and including residents to participate in such a fun and important design exploration.

Color Palette

The goal for choosing a color palette for the new Montpelier flag was to create something that was distinct but could still be seen as being part of the Vermont design vernacular. I made sure to borrow from established conventions in the Vermont flag, but added some twists to make it our own.

Blue — The North Branch of the Winooski River
Like many cities and towns, Montpelier was settled because of its location beside a river. It’s impossible to avoid the view of the river when entering the city from any direction and it even flows right through our downtown. The Winooski River has historically provided food, easy transport of timber, power and recreation, and it remains a vital part of our identity to this day.

Green — The Green Mountains and Valley
The Green Mountains dominate our landscape here in Montpelier. What I love about our city is the unique, bowl-shaped valley we are nestled in. The Green Mountains hug the city in a very distinct way and it felt natural to include a nod to this landscape in the design of our flag.

“Iced Over”
I wanted to have something a little more distinct when it came to choosing the blues and greens for our new flag. The Vermont flag uses primary versions of blue and green, but I thought it would be interesting to tint them with an icy blue and create a palette that was more reflective of our climate for 70% of the year (cold!).

The Star

On a map a star is commonly used to denote a capital city, so it seemed appropriate to incorporate this symbol into the design of the Montpelier city flag. This star not only represents the capital status of the city, but it has 14 points (a seven-pointed star with an inset seven-pointed star). The 14 points represent the 14 counties that convene in Montpelier to govern our state.

All together now…

The final rendering of the Montpelier City flag.

Final rendering
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