Fall in Love: The Most Practical Thing You Can Do for Your Career

You’re the reason I live
You’re the reason I die
You’re the reason I give
When I break down and cry
Don’t need no reason why

“Angel” Aerosmith — Permanent Vacation 1988

In Aerosmith’s power ballad, it’s clear that her love is keeping him alive. And being “alive” fosters more growth; by virtue of like attracting like — or “life attracting life” — more abundance is made accessible. Sure, you can have an amazing amount of passion for your projects and “a definite purpose,” and if carried out intelligently, you will indeed meet success. But if you want to take the easy way out, it’s a smart idea to let that heart of yours win.

When the heart chakra is open and feels good, it activates all your other chakras, giving you superhero-like energy. First hand, I can tell you this is true…

When I was living in New York City, I’d have to take the crosstown shuttle from Times Square to Grand Central every single day. Even as a real “I-love-New-Yorker,” it got old. Like many, I handled the daily commute with headphones in my ears, ignoring as many people as possible. But one day, I remember rising from that train seat, running toward the escalators and helping someone — anyone — with whatever they were carrying. It didn’t stop there. I channeled my newfound energy into my job; I did my most amazing work; my coworkers thought I walked on water. I was able to send the love I felt back into the world, and it came right back to me: somebody who was exceptionally alive, fully experiencing the real riches of the universe.

Falling in love helps us to not just survive, but thrive, because feeling the fullest extent of our emotions feels so good and we’re able to flow. It feels good to feel and it feels good to flow, and the universal life force energy then rushes through us.

In addition to that fluid, feel-good energy we experience on a physical level, there’s a psychological advantage to falling in love as well. If we don’t do something — anything — it’s because our reasons aren’t good enough. Falling in love gives you reasons. Lots. One is financial: The fullest expression of love is facilitated by giving. Gifting a woman a turquoise Tiffany’s box makes her feel prized and valued, which is exactly how you should make the one you love feel. But in addition to expensive gifts, vacations, experiences that make loved-ones happy, another motivating factor for financial gain when we’re in love is the reward of freedom; we can enjoy time with our beloved without having to worry about mundane matters; it’s when we feel stable, secure and successful that we can succumb to the transformative experience that love provides.

Falling in love also just makes you a better person in the world. It heals the pain from the past and restores your faith in humanity, encouraging you to give back because you feel so blessed. You’ll be inspired to do your best work, and serve the universe in the best way you know how. You’ll be more caring, creative, productive, and inspired.

So at that late hour, when you have more work to do but are so mentally exhausted that you’re seeing a split screen but there’s only one, take the easy way out: Think of the one you love. Your heart will be charged, you’ll be energized, and you’ll smile; you’ll automatically call to mind damn good reasons to dig deep and carry on. If you don’t have someone, get someone. Make them up in your head if you have to, paving the way for the person to enter. But keep the spirit of love alive within you and let it bless every area of your life.

Without falling in love, you probably won’t be a beggar — “a dog without a bone” — as Steven Tyler sings in his song. You can still succeed immensely, plenty people do. But falling in love may make your toil a hell of a lot easier and the fruits of your labor all the more sweet.

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