Sagittarius Full Moon: Release, Process, Plan

We had a Full Moon in Sagittarius today — Friday, June 9, 2017.

Full Moons are a time to release things. Emotions that may have been hidden burst into consciousness and such emotions can be raw and irrational. That’s why it’s a good idea to safely release any pent up emotions (exercise, a good cry, journaling, etc), process them, and then formulate a plan, as opposed to operating on impulse (i.e., this weekend). By next week, we’re in the clear to make changes informed by our emotional truth and the big-picture thinking for which Sagittarius is known.

To see how this Full Moon in Sagittarius is likely to affect you, check out your sign and/or rising sign below.

Aries: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Ninth House of the Higher Mind. Over the next two weeks, go out on a limb to experience adventure — take a chance! By stepping outside your comfort-zone, you’ll broaden your perspective. With a more-open mind, your beliefs will surely change — about yourself, your world, and how you fit into the “big picture.” First you make your beliefs and then your beliefs make you, so over the next two weeks do something you’ve never done before to open up your beliefs about the world: book a trip, visit a museum, see a foreign film, read philosophy, deepen your spirituality. With a broader mind, you’ll realize all the choices you have in life which will help you chart your journey in the way that’s best for you!

Taurus: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Eighth House of Rebirth. The next two weeks are a time of transformation — an opportunity for you to evolve and get stronger. Things are going to change, so it’s best to let go and go with the flow…to a certain extent: A major theme that will arise is boundaries. What boundaries do you want to set, and which ones do you want to dissolve? It’s likely you’ll have to make a decision about joining resources with another person or entity, or removing yourself from an equation. You can make the best decisions by re-assessing your values: What do you care about most? When you make value-based decisions, you’re set; just make sure the decisions you make support your self-worth.

Gemini: The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your Seventh House of Partnerships, setting the stage for a new beginning in this area. If you’re already hitched, the focus will be on your other half. Putting your partner first is the best way to use this transit, as it will help give your life balance. If you’re not in a relationship, a casual fling may level up to a commitment, or you might meet someone with excellent partnership potential. If love is not a priority, over the next two weeks, you’ll want to focus on your audience — the public you serve — or those with whom you’re partnering in business. Listen to what they need, make their concerns your own, and start a fresh, new dialogue with an eye on their perspective without sacrificing your own.

Cancer: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Sixth House of Health and Work, putting your day-to-day in focus for the next two weeks. This is the perfect time to architect a lifestyle conducive to your health and wealth. Maybe you’ll make changes to your job by improving your schedule, for instance, or find a new job altogether. This transit is also likely to inspire you to take better care of your body. Eating cleaner, working out more, and limiting late nights will make a big difference. Since the Full Moon is all about releasing old energy, it’s a great time to drop some extra weight, a bad habit, or anything that makes you feel blah. You might also consider raising your vibration by ritualizing meditation and other mindfulness activities.

Leo: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Fifth House of Pleasure! This is the house your sign rules, Leo, encapsulating fun, romance, creative projects and your children if you have any. The Fifth House encompasses things you really love that get you excited and fill your heart with joy. Romance will be reignited over the next two weeks, either with your significant other or someone new if you’re on the lookout. Make sure to take every party invitation that you get, and take the spotlight if you’re so inclined. If you’re not much of a “ham,” you may enjoy the next two weeks by engaging in a creative project. If you have children, there may be a whirlwind of activity around them over the next two weeks that inspires the inner kid in you!

Virgo: The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your Fourth House of Home and Family, helping you deepen your sense of emotional security. Connections with loved-ones will give you the emotional sustenance that helps every other area of your life to flourish, so make it a point to reconnect with those you hold dear. Additionally, the home is a metaphor for “mother,” so make sure your home is doing its job to nurture and nourish you, so you’re empowered to make a home for yourself wherever you may go — for your real home is within yourself. Find out too what makes you feel secure. Is it seeing your friends regularly? Extra money set aside? A daily ritual? Find peace with your inner being over the next two weeks, and you’ll find life a whole lot easier.

Libra: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Third House of Communication. Over the next two weeks, emails, phone calls, and other messages will be aplenty, so wade through what’s relevant and what’s not. Your social life will also be abuzz and you’re likely to really enjoy this sociable time. The most important conversations you will have, however, will be with yourself. Make it a point to talk yourself out of any bad moods and keep your internal dialogue about yourself positive and appreciative. Use the gift of language and visualization to impress upon your subconscious the way you would like things to be: If you can control your mind, you can control your emotions and then you can control your life experience.

Scorpio: The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your Second House of Finance and Values. This is a great time to remove any blocks to prosperity and live as rich a life as possible. Speaking your truth, singing, talking, and all self-expression will help your throat chakra and increase your value. Additionally, you can cultivate abundance over the next two weeks by focusing on sensuality; by feeling so perfect as if you need nothing, you’ll attract everything. To this end, get in some really good workouts, schedule a massage, take aromatic bubble baths — anything to appease your senses. Once you feel as perfect as possible, take action: Go for the new job, role, client etc.

Sagittarius: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your First House of Identity! This is a terrific time to claim the open vistas as yours! You can gain a strong surge in self-confidence over the next two weeks, the waning moon helping to remove anything in the way of you feeling as fantastic as possible. Whatever is keeping you from being your best, let it go, be it a few pounds, negativity or self-doubt. By the end of the next two weeks, you should have freed yourself of dead weight, so that you’re able to experience life as a great, celebratory adventure! Do whatever you can to expand your mind: Go on a trip, read something different, visit a museum etc.; by becoming more aware of others’ perspectives, you’ll broaden your own for a richer life experience.

Capricorn: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Twelfth House of the Subconscious. The next two weeks will be a great time to lay low, and get the rest and sleep you need to process your experiences over the past year. Release any subconscious garbage — e.g., limiting beliefs, negative feelings about yourself, any unworthiness, fear, etc. In letting go of this dead weight, you’ll have room for thoughts that make you feel good and help you create the best life imaginable. Self-hypnosis, affirmations and visualizations can be very helpful. This is also a time of completion: You may decide that certain things in your life have to end — maybe it’s a relationship, job, friendship etc. that are no longer serving your highest good. Let go and go with the flow.

Aquarius: The Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up your Eleventh House of Hopes, Wishes and Friends! This is the house your sign rules, Aquarius, so it’ll be a very special two-week period for you. Use its energy to help remove any blocks to your highest aspirations. Over the next two weeks, you may want to connect with the energy of a group or community. The Eleventh House is about love you receive from others, so go where you can be showered with collective attention. This house also rules big monetary gains that come in one lump sum, so keep your eyes peeled for such opportunities. Take some time to identify with the big blue sky. How are you like that sky? Limitless? Vast? All-encompassing? Cool? Peaceful? Free? That’s how you should feel.

Pisces: The Full Moon in Sagittarius transits your Tenth House of Position and Honors. Career matters will be the focus, and you may find yourself in the limelight. People are watching you, and you’re predisposed to come across as highly competent. Use the next two weeks to climb up the ladder at work, or score a new job that highlights your best skills and abilities. In addition to career, this transit can help you become more responsible and disciplined; work on creating more structure in your life, and you will be rewarded. Remember to not make any sudden moves during this two-week transit; instead, be strategic and by-the-book. By gaining higher status over the next two weeks, all your hopes, dreams and wishes will be more within reach.

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