Why I’m excited about GlimmerJS
Tristan Edwards

Awesome writeup!

I am also very excited to see how Glimmer will disrupt the web framework landscape after attending EmberConf.

The Ember core teams shift in mindset to take there mature, battle-tested solution and move it towards a lightweight, modular set of building blocks is an extremely enticing proposition.

I believe the key to Glimmer’s success right now relies on two things:

1. The current addon ecosystem becoming compatible with Glimmer, through the use of Ember-cli.

2. The ember router becoming compatible with Glimmer. No matter the size or nature of a project, some form of URL state manipulation is always desired, and having a conventional/Ember-compat way of doing this is essential.

If team team behind Glimmer can nail these two things, I’m very excited to see what the futures hold.

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