Week 4: Deadline Approaching

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Welcome to Week 4 of preparing to take the Minnesota Bar Exam. This will be a shorter week, as I’m concentrating on making sure I have everything together for my application. If you haven’t started your bar application and are planning on taking the February 2018 exam and want to make the timely deadline of Oct. 16, reading last week’s post should help you get started.

This past week, I spent time going over the application again. I went to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and got my criminal record (which is not as interesting as it sounds; I did some paperwork, handed it over, and got my record and a compliment on my mustache in 16 minutes). And I emailed the Board of Legal Examiners(Q: If I got a certified driving record earlier in the year, and I’ve had no incidents since, should I get a new one? A: that should be fine; we’ll contact you if we need more information).

FYI if you’re wondering what to bring with you to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension when requesting your records.

But I’ve also thought a lot about deadlines. I currently work in research administration (Happy National Research Administrators Day, everyone!). This involves making grant submissions, negotiating contracts, and research compliance. Federal grant submissions, which we do frequently, are hard deadlines. You miss a deadline by a minute, you’re out. Often the only excuse you can get away with is some sort of natural disaster.

Policy is that we tell researchers to submit the completed submission to our office a few days before the deadline. That way, we can make sure it conforms with the proposal requirements and with institutional guidelines. Some institutions have deadlines a full two weeks before the application is actually due. That way we also don’t get slammed in the final 10 minutes before the due time, which is an issue if we’re already trying to get submission in for a different researcher.

Why do it early? Because if something goes wrong, which it inevitably does, you have time to correct it. No one wants to fix an application minutes before a timed deadline. People make mistakes, things get missed. Much stress. Wow.

That’s why I’m doing my damnedest to get everything done by next Monday, well in advance of the timely deadline. Thankfully, if something is wrong or forgotten, there is the December 1st deadline. I just don’t want to pay extra. That’s money I’d rather have in my pocket, and getting the application in means I can field questions from the BLE and prep while I wait for my Themis bar prep materials to arrive. Speaking of:

Oh fantastic…

Getting that application in also means one less thing to worry about.