Most of your designs will never make it into the hands of your users.

Man thinking in a grey shirt
Man thinking in a grey shirt
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Who would have thought the world of art and design could be so complicated, especially in the digital space. I’m sure those of you who have jumped into the world of design have already discovered just how vast it truly is. From the various job titles to the overlapping responsibilities, figuring out where you fit in can be a difficult task.

If your thinking about becoming a product designer, there are 8 things I believe you should consider before pursuing your new career.

1. Most of your designs will never make it into the hands of your users.

If you come…

Man screaming against a black background
Man screaming against a black background
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My experience in user testing software products with customers has been anything but predictable. I’ve conducted sessions through in-person interviews, online videos, and surveys. Regardless of the approaches used to gather feedback, I’ve encountered situations that I wasn’t prepared for.

I’m not just talking about the occasional connection issues and last-minute cancellations you’ll receive from time to time. But, I’m talking about the things no one informed me about. The things you don’t think about. Like the different user types you’ll meet and test along the way.

Don’t get me wrong, the majority of your customers will be great to…

Man on computer with a headset
Man on computer with a headset
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I finally got the green light.

For months I’d been observing others and watching them conduct their own user testing sessions. And within a couple of weeks, I would finally get the opportunity to start conducting my own. On the outside, I was bursting with excitement for this opportunity.

However, on the inside, it was completely the opposite. I was a nervous wreck. Even though I’ve watched my team members conduct these sessions from the sidelines, I felt anything but prepared.

How would I set up a test to receive valuable insight from our users? How would I do this…

Regardless if you are a UI Designer, UX, graphic designer, Interaction designer, and so on.

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A couple of months after I joined a Latin dance team, my instructor announced that we would be performing a freestyle dance routine for a big crowd at an upcoming event.

My dance partner at the time leaned over and began speaking in my ear. What I thought was going to be words of praise and admiration for my newly acquired skills turned out to be criticisms stating the opposite. I listened to what she had to say. Her point: I wasn’t ready to perform on a stage of this magnitude.

Although I appreciated her critiques and honesty, I was…

Photo Credit: Left: Me & Wifey (Thanin Viriyaki), Right (Jose Alejandro Cuff)

The time had come.

I had been in a committed relationship with my lady ( now wife) for almost a year and I was looking to take the next step. Seeking more wisdom from mentors, family, and friends before I knelt down on one knee and popped the question, we thought it was a good idea to first enroll in premarital counseling. Premarital counseling helps couples prepare for marriage by discussing a number of topics covering finances, marriage roles, faith, communication styles, parenting styles, children, in-laws, and intimacy.

Throughout the course, I was given a lot of sound advice and…

Project Background — Dashboard and analytics for broker owners and agents

Broker owners and Admins within the real-estate industry need to stay up to date with their business health and agent performance on a weekly/monthly basis. Having a tool that allowed brokers and admins to assess the health of their business was key.

Recognizing this need, we invested in creating a tool that gave brokerages this capability. However, the new tool wasn’t as intuitive as we had hoped which made it harder for the brokerages to see the overall health of their business.

So we decided to create a dashboard within the product that made it easier for owners and admins…

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