An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

I’m sending you a small donation to help you pay the guy at CVS back for his kind gift to you.

In exchange, I hope you will consider a few small lessons from my own career as a writer for major corporations.

  • Start at the bottom, and learn a ton from it.(I sold shoes, sno-cones, telemarketed, and ran a billing department before I landed in marketing / writing — and needed every one of those jobs to get me to the next.) Take a roommate when you have to. Eventually, you won’t.
  • Every person you meet, work with, write for, tweet at, etc. can become an ally or an enemy. In the small world of media / writing /business, always create allies, not enemies.
  • The people you meet and the impressions you make on people at every step of your career will be what catapults you to success or keeps you down. I earn 100% of my sizable business from referrals from peers and former coworkers. Without them, I would have nothing. They are the equity I have earned over my years of hard work at sometimes underpaying positions.
  • You can recover from anything. Right now, you are probably realizing that it’s going to be harder to get a job now that you’ve publicly blasted a CEO and major corporation in the industry you were trying to break into. Hang in there. Learn from the experience, it will make you stronger.
  • Finally, decide now if you need fame, fortune, or both. Your post on Medium seems like you might want to be in the spotlight, and to get paid well for it, too — in which case, tweeting for public companies isn’t going to get you there. You can make great money in media and creative, but you take a back seat to the brands who employ you. You make them, or other people they employ, the celebrity, not yourself — and you can get paid well to do so. But if you need all eyes on you, you should stay freelance and build your own brand, not take wages from someone else to build theirs. This isn’t criticism, just straightforward advice: If you didn’t want attention, you wouldn’t have posted so publicly.

I wish you the very best.

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