Why Michael Gove is wrong on Europe
Anthony Zacharzewski

1a) “EU decisions are taken by ministers of member states and the European Parliament, both of whom can be thrown out by their voters. Sure, they can’t be thrown out by British voters alone,” — Jean Claude Juncker can’t be thrown out any voter!

1b) “but then the voters of Liverpool can’t throw out the UK Government on their own either,” — But then the UK government has a vested interest in looking after the people of Liverpool, because they are directly democratically accountable. A commissioner from Poland cares very little about the UK, for instance, a predominant reason for why the UK is often marginalised by the EU.

2) “only 13% of laws come from EU level.” — Estimates range from 10–50%, there is nothing conclusive.

3) “the most powerful transnational Parliament.” — So amazing that it cannot enact new legislation!

4a) “Finally, the idea that a French plumber moving to the UK (or a Brit retiring to Spain) has brought desperate refugee camps to our borders is just grotesque.” No idea what this is referring to. But the EU (led by Merkel) did encourage a mass migration of people from North Africa, mostly economic migrants and a few refugees, which has caused huge internal problems for member states.

4b) “the nastier sort of xenophobe” Do you want your nation’s borders to be secure at the time of a great terror threat? You do?! How dare you, you <insert insult here>

5) “Every EU law he saw could have been altered by a British minister or a British MEP.” The problem being of course that the UK holds very minimal influence within the EU, making any chance of reform highly unlikely.

6) “Being outside the EU does not mean being a success on the international stage.” No, being the 5th largest economy in the world, one of the greatest manufacturers (still), having the freedom to trade, and opening ourselves out to the world rather than being tethered to a failing political union — that is the means to being a success on the international stage.

7) “And if Gove doubts that, he should look at the people standing next to him on the Out platform. Nigel Farage, George Galloway, Roger Helmer. Are these people who want to create an open and optimistic UK; or are they not rather people who want to put up barriers, close down immigration, turn back the clock to some imagined fifties heyday?” <Just throw in some insults here> (I’ve never heard Farage or Helmer say they want to close down immigration).

8) And finally, it’s the ‘European Union’ that Gove is commenting on, not ‘Europe’.

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